SoCal Challengers Membership Agreement

SoCal Challengers Membership Agreement

Mission Statement, Code of Conduct and General Expectations

SoCal Challengers (“the club”) membership is conditional. Please read this entire document before signing. The contents of this document are subject to change. It is the responsibility of the members to be aware of any changes as they become available. Changes to this document can occur by a majority vote of the club body or by the board of directors. A date of the effectiveness will accompany any changes, and a revised document will be placed on the club web site. A revised version can also be emailed upon request.

By signing this document, all persons agree to the terms stated within and agree to meet the standards set forth. Failure to comply with this agreement could result in membership suspension and/or termination. Any dues paid or donations given prior to membership termination will be forfeited.

SoCal Challengers is a Non-Profit Organization and all donations of any type become the property of the organization. In the event that SCC should be dissolved, all assets, property, and remaining funds
will be liquidated/distributed according to the laws applicable to non-profit organizations in the state of California.

Mission Statement: The mission of SoCal Challengers is to promote excitement for the Dodge Challenger vehicle with a friendly family environment, while supporting local charities through car shows, cruises, and special events. SoCal Challengers is dedicated to family, charity, and our love of the Dodge Challenger.

Code of Conduct:  SoCal Challengers is a family-oriented club and has a zero tolerance policy for any and all illegal activities (e.g., street racing, drug use, other crimes etc.) that may directly or by inference subject the club to civil or criminal liability or otherwise bring discredit to SoCal Challengers. This policy includes but is not limited to non-club activities where your behavior could be interpreted as being representative of the club. For example if you are wearing club-branded apparel and engage in street racing.

All members will be expected to follow simple guidelines of conduct. Listed below are additional examples of behavior that will not be tolerated:

  1. Events
    1. Excessive alcohol use
    2. Illegal drug use or use of any substance that makes operation of a motor vehicle unsafe (e.g., abuse of prescription medication)
    3. Profane or abusive language
    4. Fighting (includes all persons involved in the perpetuation of violence)
    5. Unsportsmanlike conduct
  1. Events and Elsewhere
    1. Vandalism or willful destruction of club or club members property
    2. Theft (includes club trademarked property)
    3. Negative social media use (e.g., on the SoCal Challengers Facebook members site,tagging SoCal Challengers in negative statements on Instagram, etc.) including but not limited to:
      1. Profanity
      2. Messages defaming a specific race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, or political affiliation
      3. Sexually explicit pictures
      4. Discussions of illegal activities including street racing (see below)
      5. Copyrighted material
      6. Slandering or libeling of club members, other clubs and organizations

Street racing will not be tolerated. Members convicted of or openly admitting to street racing shall be immediately placed on suspension pending a club investigation by the officers and may result in the member being permanently expelled from the club.

As described above, any action whether illegal, unsafe or which may bring discredit to the club in any way may be cause for immediate suspension of club member privileges to include but not limited to participation in club events, access to the club's closed forums (e.g., the private, member’s Facebook group), and association with the club at public events.

SoCal Challengers applies a “three strike rule” and reserves the right of conditional application. This consists of two (2) warnings issued by a club officer. The third “strike” or violation of this conduct code will result in membership suspension or termination, which will be determined by a committee of officers of the club. If extreme circumstances exist, such as fighting or theft, the three strikes rule may be waived in favor of immediate action. If you are asked by an officer of the club to leave the premises of a club event, you must do so immediately. Do not return without permission of the committee. Time passing between departure and committee decision may be credited to the decision of the committee at their discretion. You may submit your input in writing for review by the committee that will meet to settle your issue at a more convenient time.

General Expectations: As a member of SoCal Challengers, there are general expectations surrounding member behavior, appearance, and participation at events.

Attending an Event

  • Wear SCC club shirt when entering the show – afterward, feel free to wear other SCC apparel
  • Wear SCC club shirt when attending the awards presentation
  • Follow all guidelines of conduct as stipulated in the Code of Conduct
  • Represent SCC in a professional manner, while always having fun

Guidelines for Organizing an Event

  • Events should have some connection with our core principles as a Dodge Challenger car club and as a non-profit organization that raises funds for IFHF and other charities in that the event should support some charitable organization, vet organization, muscle car culture, etc.
  • Conduct research on the event – date, location, time, registration fee, etc.
  • Events should be submitted to the club Secretary around two weeks prior to the event date to provide sufficient time to promote the event and get any questions answered.
  • Create a thread to post all event details on the forum pages at or our Facebook Page and initiate member sign-up
  • Pre-run the event prior to the show to ensure there are no traffic issues – speed bumps, traffic lights, construction, etc.
  • Select and post meeting spot for the event at least 5 days prior to the show; this will ensure all cars can drive in and park together
  • Soon after the event you should provide a club picture and a brief write-up (a couple of paragraphs – see the section “Writing an Article on an Event” below) including  a list of attendees and awards won

Writing an Article on an Event

  • Let one of the club officers know you are writing the event story
  • Include event details – date, location, time, charity details, etc.
  • Write about the event from the SCC perspective and specifics to our members
  • The article length should be at least a couple of paragraphs but should not exceed 2 pages
  • Submit final article to the SCC email address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • Do not insert pictures directly within the body of the story. Formatting of any pictures will be performed separately.

Club Participation Awards

  • Club Participation Awards are property of SoCal Challengers and should be passed around to each member for an equal opportunity to share in these awards.
  • Club Participation Awards should be brought to each event for display.

Member Shirts and Club Branded Apparel: An American flag approximately sized 2”X3” (standard military uniform size) may be placed on the right shoulder. No other adornment, patches, writing, etc. may be placed on the club shirt. For all other club branded attire (e.g., the club branded jacket, tee shirts, etc.) adornment may be placed only by prior approval of a club officer.

Guests and Prospect Participation on Cruises: A hardcopy cruise waiver must be signed by any guest or prospect and presented to a club officer or officer designate prior to participation in any club event that includes operation of a motor vehicle.

As a member of SoCal Challengers, I, ___________________________________, understand and agree to meet the standards set forth above. I understand that failure to comply with the terms indicated in this agreement could result in the suspension and/or termination of my membership and that any dues paid or donations given will be forfeited.

Please Read and Sign this Addendum for Minor if Participant is Under 18 as of the Date this Document is Signed:

The undersigned, as parent(s), guardian(s) and/or legal custodian of the minor child named below, in exchange for issuance of rider registration materials and for other good and valuable consideration, the adequacy and receipt of which are acknowledged, represent, covenant and agree:

1. I/we have read the attached SoCal Challengers Member Agreement, Car Cruise Insurance Waiver and Release of Liability, have fully assessed the risks of the SoCal Challengers Car Club and related events and warrant and represent that I/we have determined that my/our minor child named below is qualified and capable of participating on the conditions disclosed in the SoCal Challengers Member Agreement, Waiver and Release of Liability without risk of injury or loss to others, to the minor child or to me or us.

2. I/we agree that during the entire period of my/our minor child’s participation in SoCal Challengers and/or any of its related events, I/we will provide direct supervision for my/our minor child and will be solely responsible for such supervision.

3. In executing the SoCal Challengers Member Agreement, Waiver and Release of Liability on behalf of the child named below, we agree to release all claims we may have personally by or through our minor child on the terms specified in the SoCal Challengers Member Agreement, Waiver and Release of Liability and otherwise accept all of its obligations, terms, covenants and agreements insofar as they relate to rights we hold directly and derivatively through the minor child named below and as to any rights we may exercise, release or waive on behalf of my/our minor child as permitted by applicable law.

4. Additionally, I/we agree jointly and severally to indemnify and hold harmless:

SoCal Challengers sponsors and participating clubs, communities and organizations; SoCal Challengers officials, emergency and support personnel, volunteers and their representatives; Friends of SoCal Challengers; persons and entities that provide event recommendations, advice or services relating to matters such as, but not limited to, route selection, design or maintenance, risk management, safety and first aid; all property owners, law enforcement agencies and governmental or public entities, including without limitation the State of California, its counties, cities and special districts; and the officers, directors, employees, representatives, agents, assigns, and successors of all of the above, from and against any and all losses, damages, costs or expenses arising from any and all claims, demands and actions of any and every kind, including claims of negligence, that my/our minor child may have against the above-named parties to the extent proximately caused by my/our minor child’s participation in SoCal Challengers and/or any of its related events. These include, without limitation, physical injury, mental injury, emotional distress, trauma, sickness, illness, death, contact with others, equipment failure, inadequate safety equipment, the effects of weather including extreme temperature or conditions, traffic, contact with motor vehicles of all types and descriptions, collision with other persons, or fixed objects, the conditions of and/or design and other defects in the road and facilities, including campgrounds, all risks along the route, and the negligence of others, including, without limitation, those persons organizing, sponsoring, or participating in SoCal Challengers and/or events occurring in connection with it. This indemnity includes my/our agreement to reimburse the released parties for all payments they may make and liabilities they may incur to or for the benefit of my/our minor child, including but not limited to judgments for personal injury, wrongful death or other claims resulting from their actions or failure to act, even if the same includes their negligence.

5. I/we agree that should my/our minor child have the right to bring any claim, demand, action, of any and every kind, against the above-named parties, I/we, on behalf of my minor child, agree to pursue and/or settle any and all such claims or controversies exclusively by final and binding arbitration before a neutral arbitrator in the County of Los Angeles, California.

6. The terms of this addendum shall be governed by the laws of the State of California and shall be interpreted liberally to give maximum force and effect to my/our intent to be fully and solely responsible for the welfare of my/our minor child named below and for any and all liability, loss or injury that may arise from his/her participation in SoCal Challengers and its related events even if the same involves the negligence of others. If any term of this addendum is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or incapable of being enforced, then all other terms of this addendum will nevertheless remain in full force and effect, and such term automatically will be amended so that it is valid, legal and enforceable to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, but as close to the parties’ original intent as is permissible.

__________________________________________                                    ________________
Printed Name of Minor Child                                                           Date Signed

_________________                                                                          ________________
Child’s Age (as of date signed)                                                         Child’s Birthday

Signature of Participant’s Parent or Guardian

Signature of Participant’s Parent or Guardian

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