Member Expectations - SoCal Challengers Car Club

SoCal Challengers Member Expectations

General Expectations of Members

As a member of SoCal Challengers car club, there are general expectations surrounding our events. If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask an officer of the club.

Attending an Event

  • Wear SoCal Challengers club shirt when entering the show – afterward, feel free to wear other SCC apparel
  • Wear SoCal Challengers club shirt when attending the awards presentation
  • Follow all guidelines of conduct as stipulated in the Code of Conduct
  • Represent SoCal Challengers in a professional manner, while always having fun

Organizing a Club Event

  • Conduct research of the event – date, location, time, registration fee, etc.
  • Create a thread to post event details on the forum pages at and and initiate member sign-up
  • Pre-run the event prior to the show to ensure there are no traffic issues – speed bumps, traffic lights, construction, etc.
  • Select and post meeting spot for the event at least 5 days prior to the show; this will ensure all cars can drive in and park together
  • After the event, post a list of attendees and award

Club Participation Awards

  • Club Participation Awards are property of SoCal Challengers car club and should be passed around to each member for an equal opportunity to share in these awards
  • Club Participation Awards should be brought to each event for display

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