SoCal Challengers Code of Conduct

All members of SoCal Challengers (SCC) car club will be expected to follow our simple code-of-conduct. Listed below is behavior that will not be tolerated by SoCal Challengers car club:

  1. Excessive alcohol use.
  2. Illegal drug use.
  3. Profane or abusive language.
  4. Fighting.  This includes all persons involved in the perpetuation of violence.
  5. Unsportsmanlike conduct.
  6. Vandalism or willful destruction of club, or club members, property.
  7. Theft.  This includes SoCal Challengers trademark property.

SoCal Challengers applies a “three strike rule” and reserves the right of conditional application. This consists of two (2) warnings issued by a club officer. The third “strike” or violation of this conduct code will result in membership suspension or termination, which will be determined by a committee of officers of the club. If extreme circumstances exist, such as fighting or theft, the three strikes rule may be waved in favor of immediate action. If you are asked by an officer of the club to leave the premises of a club event, you must do so immediately. Do not return without permission of the committee. Time passing between departure and committee decision may be credited to the decision of the committee at their discretion. You may submit your input in writing for review by the committee that will meet to settle your issue at a more convenient time.