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SoCal Challengers Minutes - February 2013

09:00  The meeting was called to order by Co-Presidents Chris Sawyer and James Schaap.

09:05  Chris Sawyer gave an introduction.

09:15  Chris Sawyer did a review of the club's activities since the last annual meeting.

Chris Sawyer presented SoCal Challenger's club awards for the prior year.  Members receiving awards were:

Karl Schello - Best Club Publicity
David McIntosh - Most Events Attended
Phil Bowdoin - Web Master

Chris Sawyer discussed some of the questions that he was frequently being asked via email.  One recurring question that people were asking was "Where can the find more information about the club?"  Phil Bowdoin mentioned that the information was on the main web site, but would move the links to make them more prominent.

09:45  SoCal Challengers club Treasurer Greg Smith gave the club's 2012 Financial Summary.

Greg Smith discussed our rights and responsibilities as a non-profit organization.  As a corporation, opposed to a club, we have additional paperwork for maintaining corporate records, tax correspondence, annual IRS reports, and we have to provide additional time and energy to maintain the corporation.

Chris Sawyer passed out the 2013 Cruise Waiver for members to sign and return.

10:00  Open Forum - moderated by Chris Sawyer

SoCal Challengers calender - David Speck will coordinate.

SoCal Challengers merchandise including a Spring Festival 8 commemorative t-shirt - Jim Diess and Greg Smith will coordinate.

10:45  Nominations for officers were announced.

Jim Diess, Phil Bowdoin and David McIntosh were nominated for President.  Jason Ford was nominated for Vice-President and Israel Magana was nominated for Secretary.

Nominees were given the opportunity to speak to the club members.

Ballots issued.

11:00  SoCal Challengers Group Photo

11:15  Lunch Break

1:15  Election results announced.  The new officers are:

David McIntosh - President
Jason Ford - Vice-President
Israel Magana - Secretary

1:30 Meeting adjourned.