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SoCal Challengers at Eibach: Meet and Plant Tour

When:  Saturday, August 29, 2015, 09:00am - 12:00pm

As all of you know, Eibach Springs is not only in both my cars, they are also my customer (I sell boxes and shipping supplies for those of you who don't know).  Recently they did the R & D on my mustang, I sent a thank you note, they in turn invited my car club SCC in to their facility for a plant tour, part sales, and meet.  This is very unique as they really have never had a club in and if all goes well (BIG SHOW) they will do this event yearly and host food next year... Many expressed interest in having Eibach install that day~ I asked and they responded that it would be nearly impossible the day of event, but would consider setting appts to do the install at a further date. They are unclear as if i would be a charge but are going to look into it. The invite is 9 AM - 12PM August 29th, I would really like to leave it to SCC members only and hopefully we will have a big enough show to represent us. I understand that they will put this on to their website as well, they will need car count. We have 2 months to plan this, I am reaching out to our NORCAL folks Bryan Rose and Jeff Krash Williams to see if you guys can rally norcali family & roll in with us and attend this event . I would LOVE to roll in HUGE on our first invite. We can meet up at the Turners Outdoor in Corona at McKinley & 91 at 8:30 and roll in 8:45 ish. Their US headquarters is in Corona, CA. This is an honor to be asked in my opinion as I am being told they are testing the waters as well with us. LET"S GO BIG!!

Afterwards lets grab lunch and cruise if you are interested ~ I have a couple places to eat in mind depending on the head count.. open for suggestions on a cruise path... Who's in?  I have a house in Corona if I need to house people the night before and weekend for out of towners..

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Eibach Springs, Inc.
264 Mariah Circle
Location Telephone:  1-800-507-2338

Click on the map for more information on the location and directions.

Latitude:  33.88206482      Longitude:  -117.53973389


Contact : Rose Lucero-Chadwick
Event Category:  Meet and Greet


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